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Advertise in newsletters
8.08.17 | 0 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
Your direct route to our users’ desks Placing ads in our newsletters is an ideal way to get a message across at a certain point in time. These ad formats allow you to set a specific focus and are easy to manage.
E-Mailing with pitfalls
A cultural aspect of e-mailings in German
18.01.16 | 3 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
In the English speaking world, commercial e-mailings and newsletters typically use either an informal salutation such as “Dear Rolf” or – even more commonly – none at all. In this respect, however, German language e-mailings to professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the so-called “DACH” countries, an abbreviation composed of their country codes as found on cars) are an entirely…
Online Marketing Performance Indicators, Part 6: Social Sharing Rate and Mobile Reading Rate
6.06.18 | 0 Comments | Author: Marcus Bierbaum
Here it is: the final part of our series of articles on online marketing performance indicators, which looks at two key figures that I believe ought to feature more in B2B marketing considerations than they often do. They are the social sharing rate, which is the rate of content recommendations posted on social media, and the mobile reading rate, the…
A secret about high conversion e-newsletters revealed
Four useful tips for creating successful e-newsletters
16.08.17 | 0 Comments | Author: Manuela Gaeth
It happens all the time: an e-newsletter with content tailored specifically towards a target group mysteriously turns out to be a flop for unknown reasons. The root cause analysis begins, covering analyses of the open rate [OR], click-through rate [CTR] and click-to-open rate [CTOR]. And then it dawns on the person in charge: “If only I had carried out a…
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