Your challenge

For your online advertisements, you’re currently using texts and content from your brochures and print ads. Although you’re not really happy with the results, adapting them for online use costs you too much time. And you’re not sure exactly what needs modifying for online use. So how do you get the know-how you don’t have yourself? Who’ll help make your online advertisements successful?

Our solution

At LUMITOS we know what makes online advertising successful. The 12 million users of our B2B portals show us day after day which advertisements spark user interest. We’ve created hundreds of marketing e-mails for our customers and know which contents their target groups prefer. With our eye-catching banners and Google AdWords advertisements, we’ll attract potential customers and direct them to well-thought-out landing pages, so you’ll receive valuable sales leads.

Your benefits

  • You’ll save valuable time because we’ll create the online advertising material for you
  • You’ll invest your budget wisely because you’ll become much more successful with little effort of your own
  • Your advertisements will make an impact, increasing your visibility and amount of sales leads

This is what we’ll do for your success

Carry out short briefing

We’ll listen to you carefully, so we’re absolutely sure we understand your present situation. After all, we want your online ads to help reach your objectives.

Create landing pages

We’ll create landing pages that get your messages across clearly and unmistakably, so the potential customers that contact you today will become tomorrow’s existing customers.

Design online banners

We’ll design banners (display ads) that attract user attention and generate clicks. They’ll strengthen your brand in the online sphere.

Create marketing e-mails

We’ll create highly effective marketing e-mails, covering everything from copywriting and layout to integrated call-to-action elements, so you’re sure to get your messages across.

Translate texts

We’ll make sure that your marketing texts appear in other important languages as well. This allows you to reach larger international target groups.

Optimize images

We’ll give your images and photos the right shape and size and optimize them for online use so they are perceived correctly.

Write online texts

We’ll write marketing texts for you that will inspire your customers because they put the customer benefits and possible applications first. They’ll also be highly ranked among search engines’ results.

Create ads for search engines

We’ll create search engine advertisements to match the search terms of potential customers, so you’ll not waste budget on attracting the wrong people.

Your contact person

Johannes Jügel
Johannes Jügel
Key-Account Success Manager
+49 30 204568-10
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