Your challenge in search engine optimization – SEO

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your website. But when you search for your products and solutions in search engines, your company is nowhere to be found. Instead, your competitors appear. What are you doing wrong? Is it what’s on your website, its contents? Is something wrong with how your website is structured? Or are there technical reasons behind its poor findability?

Our solution

We run 7 B2B portals with more than 13 million users, so we know exactly how to optimize content to make it easy to find in search engines. We’ll analyze your website regarding a variety of content-related and technical criteria and summarize the results in a report. On this basis, we’ll optimize your website to improve its findability, so it will get more visitors and generate many sales leads.

Your benefits

  • Your website will appear near the top of Google's search results
  • You’ll not have to familiarize yourself with the complexities of search engine optimization
  • You’ll understand how to optimize the texts and content of your website for search engines

This is what we’ll do for your success

Perform SEO audit

We’ll analyze your website thoroughly and tell you what needs to be improved for a better ranking in search results.

Set traffic targets

Together, we’ll set achievable targets for the number of visitors to your website. So you’ll know what your website can deliver for your success.

Research keywords

We’ll find out the words that your target groups search for in search engines. So you’ll know what questions your website needs to answer.

Set up optimization schedule

Based on the SEO audit and your marketing objectives, we’ll develop a schedule for optimizing your website. The measures with the greatest potential are implemented first.

Create search engine friendly content

We’ll create website content that is optimized for search engine ranking and easy to read and understand for your potential customers.

Implement optimization

We’ll optimize your website both technically and in terms of content. Or we’ll support your web agency to do so. You’ll want those weaknesses ironed out fast.

Host SEO workshops

In workshops, we’ll show you how search engine optimization can move you up the search results. You’ll get better and better at SEO as you maintain and update your website.

Monitor success

We’ll continuously monitor your website’s visibility in search engines and the number of visitors it attracts. We want you to experience your success.

Your contact person

Stefan Knecht
Stefan Knecht
Managing Director
+49 30 204568-20
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