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Image optimisation for faster loading times
29.07.16 | 0 Comments | Author: Manuela Gaeth
Commuter trains and busses are where smartphones run hot. This is where long waits for web pages to load are particularly annoying. Often enough, unoptimised image files are the cause of poor performance and long loading times. This leads many passengers to discontinue visiting a website, especially when the destination stop approaches, leaving its mark on the conversion rate. Images…
How using dedicated landing pages can make print media advertising more successful
5.04.16 | 0 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
Marketing budget is routinely wasted without generating any sales leads. That’s the quintessence of a study by LUMITOS in the course of which the ads appearing in the German magazine “Laborjournal” (3/2015 edition) were scrutinised. In this blog article I will demonstrate how landing pages are used properly to avoid typical mistakes in print media advertising. They offer a way…
E-Mailing with pitfalls
A cultural aspect of e-mailings in German
18.01.16 | 3 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
In the English speaking world, commercial e-mailings and newsletters typically use either an informal salutation such as “Dear Rolf” or – even more commonly – none at all. In this respect, however, German language e-mailings to professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the so-called “DACH” countries, an abbreviation composed of their country codes as found on cars) are an entirely…
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