Your challenge

You have gained a little experience in online marketing. The promising initial results make you want to do more. At the same time, you believe you need a more structured approach. How do you advance your online marketing to become even more successful? Where should you invest your time and budget without getting bogged down by too many isolated measures? How do you develop an online strategy that makes you more successful?

Our solution

We at LUMITOS take a closer look. What are your objectives? Which markets matter most to you? After discussing these and other questions with you, we’ll develop a made-to-measure online strategy. Our easy-to-follow action plan will recommend tried and tested online media outlets and advertising formats. We’ll indicate which measure should be implemented with which level of priority so you can be sure to achieve your goals.

Your benefits

  • A conclusive online strategy will make it easier for you to get the budget you need
  • You’ll receive an action plan for direct implementation
  • You’ll achieve measurable success

This is what we’ll do for your success

Present state analysis

We’ll analyze your current market position, your competitors and your target groups in detail.

Target definition

Together, we’ll set feasible, attractive and measurable targets.

Team of experts

We’ll make our most experienced B2B online experts available to you

Strategy workshops

Based on our experience, we’ll provide maximum input for the success of your online strategy.

Clear focus

We focus strictly on what yields results, so you’ll not get bogged down by trivial things.

Action plans and roadmaps

We’ll make sure you will be able to communicate your strategy within your company.

Management tools

We’ll implement management tools to ensure your strategy can be put into action.

Performance indicators

We’ll recommend meaningful performance indicators that will let you experience your strategy’s success.

Your contact person

Rolf Preuß
Rolf Preuß
Head of Marketing
+49 30 204568-15
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