Your challenge

You are communicating your company’s news at ever shorter intervals. So you want to keep customers and other interested recipients informed about new products, applications, catalogues, trade fairs, seminars and webinars by sending them marketing e-mails.

There is a lot to keep in mind if you want to stand out from your competitors. Which software allows you to send law-compliant e-mails? How do you best compile the contents? How do you cope with undeliverable e-mails? How do you measure the success of your direct e-mail campaign?

Our solution

At LUMITOS we send out more than 7 million e-mails to B2B recipients each year, so we understand what makes e-mail shots succeed. We’ll develop a marketing e-mail strategy for your success. We will configure the technical settings of the dissemination software perfectly and create e-mails that will have an impact on recipients. Your distribution list will be professionally edited to ensure that your messages are sure to reach their intended recipients.

Your benefits

  • Your target groups are addressed in person and contacted regularly
  • Measurable results within 48 hours
  • You’ll save time and trouble because we’ll do the work for you

This is what we’ll do for your success

Analyze marketing e-mails

We’ll examine your marketing e-mails with regards to content, visual perception and technical aspects and show you how you can increase their success.

Strategy for e-mail marketing

We’ll develop the right e-mail marketing strategy for you to achieve your goals, including suggestions for the subjects, contents, frequency and the e-mail addresses you need.

E-mail workshops

In hands-on workshops, we’ll let you experience how marketing e-mails are perceived by recipients and show you what really makes a difference.

Create marketing e-mails

We’ll create effective marketing e-mails, from their textual content and layout to their call-to-action elements. In addition, we’ll send them out to your recipients.

Create landing pages

We’ll create landing pages that convert e-mail recipients into valuable sales leads.

Recipient data

We’ll check your address data, correct errors and add missing data, so you’ll address your recipients personally and correctly.

Privacy law compliant dissemination

We’ll host your marketing e-mails in Germany and will send them out in compliance with current European data protection regulations.

Performance indicators

We’ll recommend indicators that let you experience the success of your e-mail marketing.

Your contact person

Stefan Knecht
Stefan Knecht
Managing Director
+49 30 204568-20
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