Your challenge

The great advantage of online marketing is that its success is measurable, no matter what you’re looking at: e-mail marketing, ads on B2B portals or in newsletters, Google AdWords or your own website. For each of these, dozens of performance indicators can be retrieved or calculated. Do you check your figures regularly? How do you use them to control your marketing activities? Which of those indicators are relevant to you at all? How must your figures be presented to help you with marketing decisions?

Our solution

We at LUMITOS love performance figures. They provide hard evidence of what your online marketing has achieved and are the basis for a successful online strategy. That’s why we’ll define appropriate indicators for your online marketing activities and hand you the right software tools to measure your success. We’ll also analyze large data sets of yours, distill various relevant performance figures from these and evaluate the results for you. We want you to experience how online marketing makes you more successful.

Your benefits

  • Relevant performance indicators help you control your online marketing effectively
  • You feel confident because you’re taking informed decisions based on facts
  • Using the right software tools lets your success become visible and tangible

This is what we’ll do for your success

Analyze performance figures

We’ll look at the key performance figures of your past online marketing activities and evaluate these. You’ll find out where you stand in comparison to others in the industry.

Define performance indicators

We’ll recommend performance indicators that will help you in your decision-making processes – all to make sure you’ll not lose sight of what really matters.

Workshops & training courses

We’ll explain to you in a vivid and entertaining way which online marketing indicators are important and what they reveal. You’ll develop a sense of what is important.

Software tools

We’ll provide you with the right tools to record your performance figures. They give you the reliable data you need to take marketing decisions.

Analyze data sets

We’ll search through large data sets, such as your address data, and identify useful information for your online marketing. This serves to improve your invaluable data.

Bring together performance data

We’ll bring together your performance data from various sources (website, marketing e-mails, Google AdWords, etc.) so you can see, compare and assess all your data at a glance.

Visualize performance data

We’ll visualize your performance data, giving you a fast and clear insight into how well you are doing on the basis of your own invaluable data.

Performance monitoring

We’ll constantly monitor your performance figures, support you in evaluating them and show you where you should act – all to steadily improve your online marketing, step by step.

Your contact person

Stefan Knecht
Stefan Knecht
Managing Director
+49 30 204568-20
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