Your challenge

Your sales force needs additional leads to reach its ambitious sales targets. Existing customers alone won’t do the trick. You will also need to address new potential customers. So far, you don’t really know where and how to reach them. Are the publication media and advertising formats you are using suited for getting high-quality sales leads? How do you generate more enquiries from your existing customers?

Our solutions

At LUMITOS, we don’t build on mere assumptions. We’ll bring light into the dark by analysing your target markets. Then we’ll combine the results with our long-standing knowledge of suitable online media and advertising formats. In doing so, we’ll look at everything: your website, direct e-mails, advertising options on specialist portals and in newsletters – regionally or globally, depending on the markets you are targeting. This forms the basis for the made-to-measure strategy we’ll develop for you. In our implementation plan, we’ll recommend tried and tested measures to generate demonstrably more high-quality online leads.

Your benefits

  • You’ll gain high-quality sales leads
  • We’ll exploit the full potential of online marketing for you
  • You’ll become an expert in online lead generation

This is what we’ll do for your success

Present state analysis of lead generation

We’ll look into how you are currently generating online sales leads and which available opportunities are not being used.

Definition of sales lead indicators

We’ll recommend indicators that will let you monitor your lead generation efficiency.

Strategy for lead generation

We’ll develop strategies for sales lead generation that will yield significantly more high-quality leads for you.

Selection of media outlets

We’ll recommend the best online media outlets and advertising formats for sales lead generation worldwide.

Sales lead workshops

We will show you why it is important to take the perspective of your potential customers when you are working to improve sales lead generation.

Website optimization for lead generation

We’ll optimize your website for a better user experience and thus more leads.

Texts for lead generation

We’ll write texts that will turn your website visitors into customers.

Landing pages

We’ll create landing pages that will convert interested users into valuable sales leads.

Your personal contact

Johannes Jügel
Johannes Jügel
Key-Account Success Manager
+49 30 204568-10
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