Your challenge

You want to make greater use of online marketing’s remarkable potential and try out new things. But your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to build up in-depth knowledge. Within your company, you don’t have a sparring partner to discuss all your fresh ideas with. Under such circumstances, it is difficult for you to advance your online marketing activities.

Our solution

We at LUMITOS will work with you to determine how you can get the most out of online marketing, both for you personally and for your company. You’ll get inspiration for your online marketing strategy from us. We’ll show you how to make your website generate more sales leads and to use e-mail marketing as the backbone of your marketing success. We know which online publications around the world are best suited to reach your objectives and will recommend tried and tested advertising formats. As your sparring partner, we’ll support you in implementing the recommended and agreed measures.

Your benefits

  • You’ll benefit from our expertise, which we’ll happily share with you
  • Achieve your marketing objectives in less time
  • No need for a trial and error approach – you can count on our tried-and-tested methods

This is what we’ll do for your success

Present state analysis

Together we’ll establish where you stand in online marketing and determine where you want to go. This is an initial step on our way to supporting you with our expertise and experience.

Consulting on lead generation

We’ll show you how to generate sales leads efficiently and effectively as well as how to implement what’s needed to do this in your company.

Consulting on e-mail marketing

We’ll make sure that you do things right in e-mail marketing, from contents and dissemination frequency to address selection and software issues.

Consulting on customer journey

We’ll show you from the perspective of B2B users how they interact with your website, e-mails or online campaigns.

Consulting on search engine advertising

We’ll illustrate what search engine advertising can do for you and which budget is necessary.

Consulting on media planning

We’ll introduce you to effective online media planning techniques that ensure you will not get bogged down in irrelevant details.

Content strategy

Based on your marketing goals and our experience of online user behaviour, we’ll develop a strategy that will make the most of your valuable content.

Consulting on websites and e-shops

We’ll let you experience what potential customers expect from B2B websites and where there is unused potential for your website.

Your contact person

Johannes Jügel
Johannes Jügel
Key-Account Success Manager
+49 30 204568-10
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