Your challenge

You want to make more use of online marketing in your company. But you know too little about the opportunities, success factors and workings of online marketing. How do visitors come to your website? Do you lead them directly to sales-relevant information in order to generate sales leads? How do you use e-mail marketing to build a closer relationship with customers? And how do you write content that gets you noticed in the vast internet? So many questions to which you need good answers if you want to be successful with online marketing.

Our solution

At LUMITOS we have accumulated a unique wealth of experience. We know your industry and understand your products. Having run 7 B2B portals for many years and concluded more than 370 marketing projects successfully, we know how B2B online marketing works. We’re happy to share our expertise with you: in tailor-made workshops and training courses about online marketing, you will be able to experience how online marketing can make your company more successful.

Your benefits

  • You can use the knowledge you acquire immediately at work
  • We’ll train you by using real-life cases from your company and your industry
  • You will progress to become an online marketing expert

This is what we’ll do for your success

Present state analysis

Together, we’ll look at where you stand in online marketing. And at what expertise your company doesn’t have, so you’ll know what needs to be done.

Online strategy workshop

We’ll work out an online strategy for the next 3 to 5 years. This sets a clear agenda for all you do in online marketing, so you’ll not get bogged down in irrelevant details.

E-mail marketing workshop

In hands-on workshops, we’ll let you experience how recipients respond to marketing e-mails and show you what really matters. We want you to inspire your customers.

Website optimization workshop

We’ll take a close look at your website from the perspective of a B2B user and let you live through the experience. You’ll understand what your website needs.

Lead generation workshop

We’ll analyze your entire sales lead generation workflow, from advertising to online forms to processing your leads. You will understand what potential customers expect from you.

Web copywriting workshop

We’ll practice writing texts that are intended for online placement. They’ll actually be about your products or services. You’ll find out what makes online users want to know more.

Online media planning workshop

Together, we’ll find out where your media budget has had no effect and which type of media you should focus on. So you’ll reach the target groups that matter to you.

Performance indicators workshop

We'll explain to you in a vivid and entertaining way which key performance indicators in online marketing matter the most and what they reveal. You’ll find out what really counts.

Your contact person

Stefan Knecht
Stefan Knecht
Managing Director
+49 30 204568-20
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