Your challenge

You are unhappy with your present website. Other ones seem so much better. But what makes a B2B website succeed? How can a website help you achieve your business objectives? And how do you create a successful e-shop?

You could consult a standard web agency that advertises itself using colourful images but that does not understand your market environment. Alternatively, you could contact a specialist who is highly familiar with your industry and your target groups.

Our solution

Your website needs to be comprehensible to your existing and prospective customers. It doesn’t need to appeal to you personally. How do we know? Our LUMITOS portals have revealed to us time and time again over the past 20 years how websites are used by B2B online visitors.

Based on these insights, we will develop the right strategy for your website. We’ll advise you on how to optimize it and show you in workshops how prospective customers cope with it and its navigation. Then we’ll create your new website. It will inspire visitors and generate sales leads for you.

Your benefits

  • A website or e-shop that turns inspired prospective customers into new ones
  • A website that helps you reach your objectives
  • Continuous enhancement of your corporate image and branding

This is what we’ll do for your success

Customer journey and usability analysis

We’ll analyze your website based on how B2B buyers use it and will let you experience some journeys live.

Define website success indicators

We’ll recommend website indicators that will let you experience the success of your website.

Concepts for websites and e-shops

We’ll work with you to develop workable concepts for websites and e-shops that will boost your sales.

Technical requirements specifications

We’ll lay down in writing the technical requirements specifications for your website, so you can create it within the given budget and time frame.

Redesign of websites and e-shops

We’ll plan and create websites and e-shops for you that meet the specific needs of B2B users.

Project management

We’ll perform the entire project management during the implementation phase of your new website, so you can focus on your core tasks.

Hosting & support

We’ll install the right content management system for you, host it on servers in Germany and provide you with professional technical support.

Usage analysis

We’ll integrate into your website the right tools for analyzing user behaviour. So we’ll be able to see where there is still potential for improvement.

Your contact person

Stefan Knecht
Stefan Knecht
Managing Director
+49 30 204568-20
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