Your challenge in content marketing

B2B content marketing is about convincing your target group of your professional staff’s expertise. You have already placed some application reports on your website. However, these hardly get noticed. Is this due to their subjects, their content or how their content is presented? How do you best get your expertise across to impress potential customers?

Our solution for content marketing

Every day, we see what type of content really interests more than 7 million users of the LUMITOS B2B portals. These insights help us to develop a successful content strategy for you. We’ll review your existing content and recommend additional subjects about which your target group is keen to know more. This helps you to build up a content base that will make potential customers aware of your company and enhance its reputation.

Your benefits

  • You’ll position your company as an expert in your field of expertise
  • You’ll reach potential customers in an early phase of their purchasing process
  • Your content will yield valuable sales leads over many years

This is what we’ll do for your success

Analyze online texts

We’ll analyze the texts on your website, in your marketing e-mails and on specialist portals – all from the perspective of a potential customer.

Marketing e-mail content

We’ll create content for your marketing e-mails that stimulates recipients’ interest and generates responses.

Develop content strategy

Based on your objectives and our experience of online user behaviour, we’ll develop a suitable strategy to ensure that you get the most out of your content.

Create product texts

We’ll write texts that will sell your products because they put customer benefits and possible applications first.

Create white papers

We’ll draft easy-to-understand white papers and technical articles for you that underline your technical and scientific expertise.

Content for landing pages

We’ll create content for your landing pages that turns visitors into prospective customers.

Technical translations

We’ll make sure that your texts are equally successful in other languages.

Performance indicators

We’ll recommend indicators that help you experience the success of your content marketing.

Your contact person

Johannes Jügel
Johannes Jügel
Key-Account Success Manager
+49 30 204568-10
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