Your challenge

You have a new product that you want to launch successfully into the market. Or you want greater awareness in your target group for your company’s brand. Whatever, greater visibility in the market will let you reach your objectives more easily. Conventional print ads come with significant limitations: their success isn’t measurable and the true reach of trade journals remains in the dark because you only know the circulation. So how do you get high visibility without wasting much of your budget on people outside your target group?

Our solution

The LUMITOS portals offer you a high-quality B2B advertising environment to successfully increase the visibility of your products and brands. We’ll recommend the banner format that matches your objectives. Geographical and topical targeting direct your banners precisely at your target groups, thus minimizing waste on users that don’t matter to you. We’ll count the clicks on your banner, so your success is transparent. This allows you to see how well your advertising message is received in your target market.

Your benefits

  • Geotargeting and topical targeting minimize wasting budget on users that don’t matter to you
  • For a fraction of the cost, you can achieve measurably more views than with print ads
  • There is no flat monthly rate, only actual screen impressions are chargeable

Banner Advertising at a glance

Performance features
  • Placement of your banner with geotargeting and topical targeting
  • Minimum order size of 40,000 ad impressions
  • Banner linked to your website or landing page
  • Performance figures: monthly reports and final report containing ad impressions, clicks and click rates
from 89 €

For each of your objectives we offer a banner in the ideal shape, size and environment

The Wallpaper Banner is our premium banner format. Its sheer size of 780 x 90 pixels horizontally plus 160 x 600 pixels vertically ensures that your advertising message is not lost on any user. Exploit the available space to the full to address your target audience with a powerful image. The Wallpaper Banner is located across the top and down the right-hand side of our web pages. Perfect for image campaigns, but also a powerful format for product launches and similar uses.

175 €
Your contact person

Johannes Jügel
Johannes Jügel
Key-Account Success Manager
+49 30 204568-10
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