Your challenge

Placing online ads is exhausting and costs you a lot of time. Firstly, you need to find online media that reach your target audience. Then you go through countless media kits to look for suitable advertising formats and compare the prices. Before placing your ad online, you have to deal with the technical requirements of each advertisement. This all takes much too much time. Time you don’t have to spare.

Our solution

At LUMITOS, we’ll take care of the all the tasks involved in placing online ads. Our global media database contains all relevant B2B online publication media and their media kits. From these, we’ll recommend the publication media and advertising formats that are suited to achieve your objectives. We’ll take care of getting them online and all the details that entails, ensuring you’ll get the most out of your online advertisements. To evaluate their success, we’ll monitor the performance of your online ads and present the results in a clear and vivid form for you to experience.

Your benefits

  • You’ll save up to five days as we’ll relieve you of the burdensome tasks
  • You’ll invest your budget wisely as we’ll select the best online media and advertising formats for you
  • You’ll never miss a deadline because we’ll keep track of them for you

This is what we’ll do for your success

Select media outlets

We’ll recommend the best online media outlets worldwide, ensuring that you’ll reach all your target groups.

Select advertising formats

We only recommend advertising formats that prompt the type of response you wish to get from your target group.

Get quotations

We’ll get quotations for you from suitable media outlets. In an easy-to-understand summary, we’ll clarify for you what you’ll get for which price.

Buy advertising spaces

We’ll buy online advertising spaces for you from selected media outlets. We pay particular attention to fair prices and keeping to your budget.

Communicate with online media outlets

We’ll carry out the entire communication with the media outlets and process the orders.

Create online advertisements

We’ll create eye-catching online ads for you that are sure to grab the attention of potential customers.

Quality monitoring

We’ll ensure that your online ads are published exactly as they should and in the right online spaces.

Performance monitoring

We’ll provide you with a clear overview of how successful your online ads have been and will evaluate the results.

Your contact person

Johannes Jügel
Johannes Jügel
Key-Account Success Manager
+49 30 204568-10
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