Your challenge

You need to introduce a new service into the market or generate more attention for an existing one. You have already informed all your contacts in your customer database. But that’s not enough to generate the sales leads you need. You want the exciting message about your service to reach new potential customers quickly and easily. But how?

Our solution

A Software Presentation on the B2B portals of LUMITOS puts your software into the spotlight on a stage where it can enthuse 5.5 million users. You’ll gain new customers in a short time. Put your faith in our 20 years of experience with successful B2B portals. Our online performance figures make the successes you have with your Service Presentation transparent and tangible.


Your benefits

  • You’ll get high quality sales leads
  • You’ll gain new customers
  • You’ll achieve impressive results with little effort

Présentation des services en bref

Services complémentaires offert aux usagers
  • Present your software and describe its benefits
  • Five photos help to convey a positive impression
  • A video explains your service
  • A service brochure allows potential customers to download comprehensive information
  • Your service is introduced in three newsletter editions
  • Performance figures let you experience the success of your presentation
  • Translation English to German included
970 €
pou 12 mois
Votre correspondant

Lydia Just
Lydia Just
Customer Success Manager
+49 30 204568-17
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This is how we’ll support you to create a successful Service Presentation

Write service texts

Translate texts

Develop online campaigns

Online media planning