Following Topic Pages

In part 5 of our Tips & Tricks, you were introduced to the LUMITOS topic pages: each one is a portal’s hub for the information and expertise on a specific topic. A topic page is thus an ideal starting point for targeted enquiries on a particular issue. Did you know that you can add any topic page to your own personal watchlist? For example, you can maintain watchlist entries to keep updated on your main competitors or on certain instruments or applications.

Here’s what to do

  • If you are already on the topic page that you would like to follow, click the link “My watchlist” near the top of the page to add the page to your watchlist.
  • You can also place topic pages onto your watchlist directly from a search results listing: if, after performing a search, a topic page is listed for your search term, simply click the button “Watchlist”. Note that this works not only for topic pages but for any other result of your search.

You will find the topics you are following in or – your own information archive. Just select the menu item “My topics”. To create a personal information archive, you need an account at or Simply register, select topics as described above and retrieve them conveniently at a later date. You can register at here.