Search topic pages

Our new topic pages have given popular technology topics and current industry issues their own starting point on the LUMITOS portals. They are the pages from where to access all the contents belonging to a subject, covering anything from industry news, products and companies to whitepapers. There is no better way to get a general overview about a topic and, at the same time, receive direct access to detailed information and know-how. The topic pages are effectively our portals’ hubs for the expertise in a specific field. They are the ideal point to start targeted enquiries on a particular issue.

Here’s what to do

You can reach the topic pages directly through “Topics” in our navigation and subsequently the alphabetical index giving access all available topics. We already maintain more than 3,700 such pages on our portals, covering equipment, processes, companies, institutions and much more. Every week we add new topics. The topic pages are even easier to find through the portal’s search function: simply enter a search term into the field and click to receive the results. If a topic page for your search term already exists, it will feature right at the top of the results list.