LUMITOS sets the standards with the world’s largest market overviews to support laboratory and industry users

Berlin, 9 September 2021 – Search and you shall find? Yes, but even in the age of the internet and search engines, analytical laboratories spend a lot of time looking for instruments and measuring systems that suit their needs. What they find is often confusing and unstructured, or simply useless. LUMITOS AG, a leading provider of B2B specialist portals and online marketing solutions, has taken up this challenge.

The Berlin-based company has set new standards by setting up the world’s largest market overviews of mass spectrometers, HPLC/UHPLC systems and NIR spectrometers to support prospecting laboratory and industry users. For the first time, all the instruments and systems providing a technique are comprehensively and clearly accessible with a single click, and the suppliers can be contacted directly. It now takes less than five minutes from calling up the market overview to sending inquiries to up to ten suppliers simultaneously.


Suppliers are launching more and more high-tech instrumentation for qualitative and quantitative analyses in the laboratory and in industry. For newcomers to this field or purchasers wishing to upgrade their equipment it is easy to lose track of what is available. After all, searching for suppliers and solutions via internet search engines is extremely time-consuming.

“Entering ‘buy mass spectrometer’ into Google delivers 39,800,000 unstructured hits for white papers, suppliers of consumables, application reports, company websites and more. Such masses of data require frustrating research work, after which the uncomfortable feeling remains that not all the relevant suppliers were taken into consideration,” says Dr Björn Lippold, Chief Content Strategist at LUMITOS AG, explaining why the company has set up the world’s largest market overviews in the laboratory and related industry sector. Even if some of the hits are useful, the work isn’t over: each supplier’s web page is structured differently, so the information about the instruments has to be painstakingly compiled. All this can take several hours. And contacting each individual supplier is the next time-consuming hurdle to take.

“As a leading provider of B2B specialist portals and online marketing solutions, our new market overviews are setting completely new standards for scope and efficiency,” says Dr Michael Schreiber, CEO of LUMITOS AG. Where other “market overviews” display only a fraction of the market, based on the information of a few participating companies, LUMITOS focuses on the requirements of the actual users. “The contents of LUMITOS’s market overviews were put together and arranged using extensive research of our own. Our ambition is to make all relevant products of all suppliers visible,” Dr Björn Lippold adds.

The brand new LUMITOS market overview of NIR spectrometers, for example, contains 299 NIR spectrometers from 50 suppliers. Potential buyers can narrow down this extensive spectrum by setting filters so that a handful of suitable products remain. With just a few mouse clicks, they can request a quotation or additional information from the suppliers for between one to ten products. All in all, it takes less than five minutes from calling up the market overview to sending the inquiries.

In addition to the already available LUMITOS market overviews of mass spectrometers, HPLC/UHPLC systems and NIR spectrometers two further ones are set to follow this year: particle analyzers and UV-VIS spectrometers. “The LUMITOS market overviews take us a lot closer to our vision that people should no longer waste their time with tedious research and poor content,” Dr Michael Schreiber concludes.

Laboratory and industry users can access the LUMITOS market overviews via the following links:


LUMITOS provides guidance in the chemical, life science, lab equipment, pharma, analytics, and food & beverage B2B markets to lead B2B companies and their staff to success.
With its seven market-leading B2B portals,,,,,, and their corresponding newsletters, LUMITOS ensures that five million users from all over the world stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and developments, giving them what they need to take the right professional decisions.

LUMITOS also leads B2B companies to success with online marketing. Thanks to its market-leading online outlets, LUMITOS constantly accumulates facts and figures on what B2B users look for, what interests and what inspires them. It leverages these unique insights, its industry knowledge and its online marketing know-how to create a unique world of expertise.

Headed by the Managing Directors Stefan Knecht and Dr Michael Schreiber, LUMITOS’s staff of 23 in Berlin and Nuremberg (Germany) is committed to bringing success to science and industry, from medium-sized businesses to global corporations.

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