A single click away: The new LUMITOS Topic Worlds offer pooled lab and industry information in key areas of interest

Berlin, 22 November 2021 – Anyone searching online to obtain the latest lab and industry news on hot topics and applications can easily end up in a confusing jungle of endless information leading to nowhere. What’s up-to-date and what’s yesteryear’s news? Are the sources of the data and facts reputable or not? Every new search produces additional question marks.

Users of the new LUMITOS Topic Worlds can now calmly lean back. This is where they can receive an up-to-date and manageable amount of well-founded, relevant information fast and conveniently with just a single click. Each Topic World focuses on a single topic and highlights different aspects: What new products are there? Which suppliers have important things to say? How does the scientific community respond? Which specialist lectures are worthwhile?


“Topic Worlds brings us a big step closer to our vision that people should no longer waste their time on tedious searches and poor content,” says Dr Björn Lippold, Chief Content Strategist at LUMITOS AG. Nobody else makes such a wide spectrum of relevant information freely available.

Knowledge is accumulating

There are currently five Topic Worlds, which focus on mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectroscopy, particle analysis and food analysis. Each Topic World offers a wide spectrum of relevant information. Spectroscopy, for example, includes information on many suppliers and products as well as the world’s largest market overviews of UV-VIS spectrometers and NIR spectrometers, plus webinars, white papers, catalogues and brochures, applications and methods, with news items and scientific publications rounding off this Topic World. A team of experts regularly updates all Topic Worlds with all that’s new. Diving into the new LUMITOS Topic Worlds is a way not only to gather knowledge and find professional inspiration but also to stay updated.

The Topic Worlds are continuously being expanded. Next year, PCR and baking technology are scheduled to be added.

Lab and industry professionals can access the LUMITOS Topic Worlds via the following link
Focus Topic Mass Spectrometry
Focus Topic Chromatography
Focus Topic Spectroscopy
Focus Topic Particle Analysis
Focus Topic Food Analytics





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