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The Perfect Headline in B2B
3 Tips That Let Your Products Reach More Customers Online
10.10.19 | 0 Comments | Author: Tobias Hein
If you work in a B2B company focusing on science, there are many frustrating obstacles to getting the information you need. The industry news, product releases, technical articles and other items that keep you updated on developments come from a confusing variety of sources scattered all over the internet. Most items will not be relevant to you, but others absolutely…
Focusing on the Benefits in Product Descriptions
Your turbocharger for more sales leads
22.05.19 | 1 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
When businesses prepare purchasing decisions they rely more than ever on the internet as the prime source of information. This is where users search for solutions to their work challenges. What they look for is the right information for their current level in their customer journey. In this blog post, I’ll show you how focusing your product description writing on…
Feature – Advantage – Benefit: The FAB formula for product descriptions that sell
20.05.19 | 0 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
Potential buyers don’t care about the features that your product possesses and how proud you are of them. What they do want to know what your product can do for them. Sounds simple, right? But why do brochures, company web pages and industry portals contain so little about product benefits? Instead, they are littered with meaningless phrases like in Maximum…
How to make your webinar generate sales leads
Part 2: In tandem for success: E-mail blasts and landing pages
4.07.18 | 0 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
In part 1 of our miniature series “How to make your webinar generate sales leads” we gave you an example of how aggressive sales tactics can put off potential customers. Based on a recent GDPR campaign of ours, we’ll now show you how to do it better. Within 90 seconds of sending out our mail blast, we received the first…
Privacy: Will it be allowed to use online sales leads after the 25th of May?
Tips and tricks for the implementation of the GDPR
9.05.18 | 0 Comments | Author: Stefan Knecht
There are many horror scenarios about the consequences of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the internet at the moment. Some sites give you useful suggestions on how companies should implement necessary changes. But you will hardly find an answer to a key question: Will it remain legal to use sales leads generated through web portals after the…
Lead Processing: Let’s Address the Mailbox Issue
If requests coming from online enquiry forms aren’t sent to the right mailbox, valuable sales leads are wasted. Which e-mail address should you use?
27.03.18 | 0 Comments | Author: Stefan Knecht
Generating sales leads online has become one of the most important marketing objectives for B2B companies. They are typically obtained by placing enquiry forms on the company’s own website, on dedicated landing pages or on B2B internet portals. Users with questions or information requests fill them in, submitting their contact details, all in the expectation of receiving a quick and…
How to make your webinar generate sales leads
Part 1: Intrusive salespeople can put off webinar participants
17.03.18 | 0 Comments | Author: Stefan Knecht
When searching the internet for new software that our company could use, I regularly come across webinars or videos that give me a quick impression of how a software solution works and what its typical uses are. This helps me to assess with little effort whether the tool could be suitable for us and if it is worth looking at…
Colour value identification made easy
10.03.17 | 0 Comments | Author: Manuela Gaeth
Those who work routinely with programs like Photoshop will appreciate its eyedropper tool, which comes in the shape of a pipette. You can use it to record a desired colour very easily and show its values in all colour models with a simple double click. However, it eases your workflow and saves time if you don’t get out your massive…
No suitable photo for your presentation?
Here’s an idea!
10.03.17 | 0 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß
I guess we’ve all been through this: you want to liven up a presentation with some nice-to-look-at photos. But most images in commercial databases are much too expensive for your intended purpose or you are unsure about the licensing terms. Getting your smartphone out and quickly taking a photo yourself is usually no option either. This is where royalty-free photos…
Image optimisation for faster loading times
29.07.16 | 0 Comments | Author: Manuela Gaeth
Commuter trains and busses are where smartphones run hot. This is where long waits for web pages to load are particularly annoying. Often enough, unoptimised image files are the cause of poor performance and long loading times. This leads many passengers to discontinue visiting a website, especially when the destination stop approaches, leaving its mark on the conversion rate. Images…
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