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Premium Lead Generation And Its Importance
Why lead generation in B2B markets needs the right tools
16.08.21 | 1 Comments | Author: Dr. Thorsten Fröhlich

Premium Lead Generation And Its Importance

A potential customer is basically a person who has shown interest in some way in a product, service or service. Such potential customers can be generated in sales by cold calling, or they can be approached by companies that already have contacts, whether such casual contacts were made by exchanging contact addresses at trade shows or product exhibitions, or were part of a business relationship in the past. In sales, people like to rely on these so-called intensive contacts. In contrast, cold calls often prove to be extremely time-consuming and laborious. Modern lead generation in target-oriented sales therefore uses other methods.

What does premium lead generation mean?

Premium lead generation differs from normal lead generation by the quality of the inquiries and the fact that the probability that such an inquiry leads to a successful business transaction is substantially increased in comparison to classical advertising.

Premium lead generation also means that the large scattering losses that occur through classic advertising measures are avoided. Lead generation takes place in a target group-specific manner by placing suitable advertising offers, embedded in a content strategy that is interesting for the user, on industry portals.

Premium lead generation is therefore particularly essential for the B2B sector. In B2B, our potential leads are not found everywhere at all times on all channels as is the case, for example, with a consumer product. Rather, customers interested in the B2B area search specifically on channels relevant to their purposes. A laboratory manager who wants to purchase a new measuring instrument, for example a mass spectrometer, or who wants to purchase a spare part for a laboratory instrument, will generally not consult consumer websites such as Instead, he will look around for suitable partners in relevant portals or information areas. in B2B:

  • Easy to find
  • Easy to contact
  • As much information as possible

This alone results in a narrower selection for the potential B2B customer and thus a higher quality of the generated premium lead.

Generating new potential customers (lead generation) is nothing more than arousing the interest of potential customers in the best possible way. This requires virtual or direct contact with specific users or people so that they can become leads. Therefore, sales is mainly focused on finding sustainable solutions to successfully generate leads and target potential customers, or to attract the attention of specific companies. In this process, stakeholders should primarily be addressed in such a way that they will contact the advertising company if necessary in order to use product A, service B, or service C.

Ideally, interested parties, i.e. the generated leads themselves, find their way to the advertising company. This is how potential customers become paying customers. This differs from the classic variant, in which direct contact is sought with potential customers as part of cold calling. The essential point here is that the stakeholder connection, that there is a short path to the decision to buy a product or service.

Modern Marketing For Success-Oriented Companies

The basis of lead generation is basically attracting potential customers. Then it’s just a matter of turning these target groups into paying and, above all, satisfied customers. However, the difficulty in lead generation in sales lies in conceptualizing the information about the respective product or service portfolio offered in such a way that it is actually perceived as appealing and interesting.

In modern sales, the compilation or generation of the tools required for this is done, among other things, by using useful information from certain portals. An essential part of the LUMITOS strategy is therefore the provision of content with high information content on the industry portals, for example everything about chemistry on the industry portal or everything about food and beverage on the industry portal

In addition to content on Lumitos’ B2B web portals, a higher quality of portal visitors is achieved by supporting advertisers on the portals with comprehensive tools for contacting potential customers. Customers and leads feel well treated when they are contacted quickly and receive relevant information about their inquiry in a short time. Simple leads become premium leads.

Anyone who goes on the Internet to search for a particular product leaves behind traces. These in turn provide an incredibly promising basis for turning the searcher into a satisfied customer.

Providing coupons is also a popular form of lead generation. Those who use such a voucher simply provide their name and a contact address. These are two extremely relevant pieces of information that clearly prove that there is an interest in what the company has to offer.

Last but not least, there is the possibility of offering downloads on specific topics or products. Invitations to free online seminars, so-called webinars, also perform well with a view to promising lead generation.

Measures for lead generation in B2B

Classic forms of advertising still play a central role in customer acquisition. What is special is that today this form of advertising can be extremely multifaceted, making it even easier to approach companies and turn them into customers. Personal contact with potential business partners by sales representatives is also of fundamental importance for success-oriented entrepreneurs. This literally kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, the sales force can generate new customers through targeted measures and, on the other hand, existing customers can be maintained at a high level on this personal level.

Through a target group-oriented website design, targeted visitors can be brought to the company homepage. Not only SEO- or SEM-based content counts, but also specific information. In this way, potential customers should be encouraged to get in touch with the company.

The invitation to subscribe to a newsletter represents a promising method for generating leads. The number of clicks and the opening rates provide advertisers with information about the extent to which there is product- or service-specific interest on the part of companies looking for customers. Call-to-action buttons on websites or social networks also provide helpful information about the wishes and needs of site visitors. Landing pages are also highly efficient. These are visited by users for a specific reason and help the operator to find out how the needs of potential customers can be optimally served.

Why is the advertising of the future digital in the B2b?

Over the past seven years, the market research institute Nielsen has conducted more than 800 studies on the connection between online advertising and online purchases in collaboration with over 300 consumer goods brands and 80 companies.

Based on this purchase-based information, the researchers concluded that companies were able to achieve a nearly threefold return on every euro they invested in digital advertising.

This applies in the same way to the B2B market. Today, customers from specialized sectors also use the Internet to the greatest possible extent to inform themselves before making a purchase decision. In this context, informing also means looking at information on relevant portals and requesting further contacts. the better a company presents itself on an information portal, the higher the probability of coming into contact with a potential customer (premium lead). digital content (webinars, explanatory videos, white papers, industry newsletters) is particularly suitable for this purpose.

Increasing the effectiveness of analog media channels through digital advertising

An econometric study by various research groups shows that digital advertising not only delivers excellent ROI efficiency, but also has a positive impact on analog advertising.

Direct comparison of ROI efficiency in studies with and without online elements has shown that adding digital advertising to the media mix has a positive impact on ROI.

Digital Advertising Has an Effect on the Entire Customer Journey

From the data for an automotive manufacturer, research groups were able to draw important conclusions about customer buying behavior.

Not only was it found that digital advertising is crucial to the decision to buy a product, but it also has a significant influence on buying behavior itself.

In traditional media, brands were very limited in their ability to influence the entire customer journey. This is not true for digital media.

Digital advertising influences buying behavior in B2B markets just as much as in traditional consumer markets.

Increasing brand value through creative digital advertising

It is well known that the creativity of an advertisement is the most important factor for advertising effectiveness. For example, a fundamental study by comScore ARS shows that creative-quality advertising generates more than half of the sales for the brands studied – which is four times higher than the impact of the respective media plan.

Digital creativity adds the element of interactivity to traditional advertising, ensuring greater effectiveness.

Prospective buyers respond twice as often to interactive advertising than to classic advertising banners. Therefore, providing interactive content is essential for generating premium leads: webinars, chats, videos, digital conferences, digital roundtables.

To Reach B2B Customers We Need Digital Advertising

Adult citizens spend more time in digital media than they do watching TV, and this trend is very likely to continue. This is as true for the professional as for the private sector.

It follows that successful companies should rely on digital content digital advertising for premium lead generation in order to achieve their goals. The likelihood of picking up customers where they are is simply greatest there.

Digital Advertising Is Cost-Effective And Efficient

Digital advertising has caused a paradigm shift in marketing: while traditional advertising tries to find potential customers, digital advertising does not try to find the customer, but rather lets the customer search for the advertisement.

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Lead generation is the most valuable part of any business.

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