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Online Marketing Performance Indicators
11.05.18 | 0 Comments | Author: Eva Pach

One of the much-emphasised benefits of online marketing in general, and of e-mail marketing in particular, is its excellent measurability. A number of key indicators and ratios have been defined that provide information about whether your marketing message has reached your target group. Print advertising, on the other hand, usually leaves you in the dark. But this advantage of online marketing only pays off only if the key indicators are determined and interpreted correctly. A detailed performance analysis offers the opportunity to optimise direct e-mail campaigns step by step.

Which e-mail marketing performance indicators really matter? And what conclusions can you draw from such measures? How much performance tracking is reasonable and when do the seemingly inexhaustible masses of data lead you to wrong conclusions?

This blog will try to answer these questions in the coming weeks. As part of the series “Online Marketing Performance Indicators” I will write about my experiences at CHEMIE.DE with various e-mail marketing performance indicators:

I would like to invite you to discuss and exchange opinions: do you look at every indicator you have available to gain a comprehensive picture of your direct mail campaign’s success? Or do you have an indicator that you think is particularly meaningful? I look forward to your comments on this!

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