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Market overviews – the smart way to gain new sales leads
18.02.22 | 0 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß

Do you know the feeling? You’re interested in buying something, whether privately or professionally, and spend hour after hour searching the internet for the right product. Eventually you get the feeling that it’s got you nowhere. Well, your B2B customers are no different.

Just like Lukas, a laboratory manager at a contract laboratory. Plenty of orders have been coming in recently, and it’s up to Lukas to purchase new laboratory equipment. In particular, he is looking to buy a mass spectrometer. Lukas knows a few suppliers of analytical equipment. But how good are they? Do they have the right solution for him?

He needs to know more. That’s why Lukas’s first step is to get an overview. Which companies supply the market, and what exactly do they offer?

▶ Researching on the internet – a frustrating experience?
▶ Market overviews 1.0 – not comprehensive at all
▶ Effective market overviews of the latest generation
▶ Market overviews – how do potential buyers benefit?
▶ What do manufacturers gain from being in market overviews?
▶ Market overviews – more by the month
▶ Conclusion

“Finding the right information shouldn’t be difficult,” Lukas thinks to himself. So he sits down at his computer and does a quick search on Google. Lukas enters the German search term “massenspektrometer” (mass spectrometer) into the search field and, a second or two later, gets 665,000 hits.
Most search results on the first page deal with mass spectrometry in general as a method. So Lukas expands his search term to “massenspektrometer kaufen” (buy mass spectrometer). It looks better now, but there are still more than 27,000 hits.

The first 5 results are ads from manufacturers, followed by, a shop, ebay, a second-hand instrument supplier, and then ads, ads, and more ads. Lukas doesn’t feel like he’s getting anywhere.

Market overviews 1.0 – not comprehensive at all

In the canteen at lunch, he tells his colleague Lisa about his problem. Lisa has a tip. She has seen an overview of pipette manufacturers in a technical journal. Maybe there is something like that for mass spectrometers, too?

Lukas then sits down again at his computer and visits the website of the technical journal. Here, in the section “Market overviews”, he actually finds the pipette overview mentioned by Lisa, and what’s more, even the hoped-for market overview of mass spectrometers.

Lukas eagerly opens the PDF file, only to discover how little there is inside: 9 suppliers and 22 products. At best, that’s a FRACTION of the market but by no means is it a market OVERVIEW.

Lukas is disappointed. Does he really have to search through pages and pages of Google hits and painstakingly research each tiny detail separately? “There must be another way,” Lukas thinks to himself. Why are there no complete market overviews? Overviews that reflect the entire market and make it transparent?

Effective market overviews of the latest generation

Lukas is not the only one to be frustrated. This happens thousands of times each day to people around the globe. And that’s exactly why we at LUMITOS had the idea to introduce transparency into the market. We knew this wouldn’t be easy as otherwise somebody would already have compiled comprehensive market overviews. How would we ensure that all relevant manufacturers and their products are covered?

True to LUMITOS’s mission of making knowledge and information easily accessible, we went ahead nevertheless. Our dedicated team spent weeks searching online sources for manufacturers of mass spectrometers. Based on this manufacturer list, the team then identified all of the manufacturers’ instruments.

The result is the world’s largest market overview of mass spectrometers , covering 250 instruments from 37 manufacturers. Lukas would be thrilled.

Figure 2: Market overviews bring buyers and suppliers together

Figure 2: Market overviews bring buyers and suppliers together

Market overviews – how do potential buyers benefit?

Luke’s case demonstrates how difficult it can be to search for relevant information. But now the market overviews on the science and industry portals of LUMITOS are changing everything. In less than five minutes, their convenient search function leads buyers to a selection of suitable products.
The principle is ingeniously simple:

  • All manufacturers and all their products are listed on a filterable page. This guarantees market transparency.
  • A few clicks are enough to send enquiries to suppliers. This minimizes the effort needed.
  • The potential buyers receive all the details of their enquiries by e-mail. This allows them to check at any time who they have contacted.

Comprehensive market overviews have brought transparency to the market for the first time and are therefore destined to become the standard.

What do manufacturers gain from being in market overviews?

Many suppliers fear market transparency. You wonder why? Are their own products so uncompetitive that they’re afraid of being compared with other suppliers?
In any case, the advantages of comprehensive market overviews for manufacturers of high-quality products are obvious:

  • The users who search for suppliers in market overviews are at a stage close to purchasing. This guarantees high quality sales leads.
  • All products and variants are listed free of charge in the market overviews. Potential buyers immediately recognize who stands out with a wide range of products.
  • Particularly important products can be advertised by a premium entry. This ensures maximum visibility within the market overview.

Market overviews help buyers to prepare their purchasing decisions. For participating suppliers, this is THE chance to be shortlisted by potential customers.

Market overviews – more by the month

The first complete market overview of mass spectrometers has been available on the LUMITOS science and industry portals in English and German since April 2020. This guarantees visibility all over the world.

Since then, five more market overviews have been added and placed online:

By the end of 2022, a total of 16 market overviews will be accessible online, covering important instrument classes.

The market overviews are regularly updated to include new manufacturers and products. Discontinued products are removed.
In the coming years, we will keep expanding the market overviews. Interested manufacturers are welcome to make suggestions for additional market overviews.


Market overviews bring potential buyers and suppliers together. Manufacturers can stand out from the crowd of suppliers with a premium presentation and thus gain a competitive advantage.
Are you a manufacturer of products for which market overviews are available? If so, we’ll be happy to show you how to generate high-quality, GDPR-compliant sales leads for your sales team.
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