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Call tracking in online marketing
Make sure not a single sales lead is lost
10.09.18 | 0 Comments | Author: Rolf Preuß

What’s call tracking?

Call tracking gives you an additional performance figure that makes the success of your online advertisement transparent by letting you attribute incoming phone calls directly to your advertising campaigns at LUMITOS. A dedicated new telephone number (including your area code) is allocated to you and displayed alongside your Premium Company Presentation or other advertising measures for users to see. All calls to this number are automatically redirected to your own phone number in real-time.

How does call tracking work?

First of all, we’ll assign a new call tracking phone number to you that is used solely your advertising measures on a LUMITOS portal.

Company presentation with call tracking number


Any of our portals’ users that see your ad and subsequently call this number will be forwarded automatically to a target number of your choice. This is performed by a virtual call routing system that can redirect incoming calls. Neither the caller nor you, the call’s recipient, will notice that the call has been redirected from the call tracking number.

What does call tracking cost?

Benefiting from call tracking costs you nothing extra if you have a Premium Company Presentation for the price EUR 970 EUR per year on one of LUMITOS’s industry and science portals. Your call tracking number is included in the price and will be displayed automatically on each of your advertising measures after they have been successfully set up.

If you wish to have a separate call tracking number for one of your presentations in order to measure the telephone response to a specific product separately, this comes at EUR 100 per year for the presentation.

For which advertising measures is it possible to have call tracking?

You can use call tracking on the LUMITOS portals for a variety of advertisement types:

  • Premium Company Presentation
  • Product Presentation
  • Software Presentation
  • Service Presentation
  • Catalogue Presentation

What does call tracking measure?

For your Premium Company Presentation on a LUMITOS portal you receive detailed key performance figures which – in addition to the other indicators such as clicks to your website, downloads of brochures and user enquiries via online forms – will also record all incoming calls as sales leads.

The call tracking performance data includes

  • Number of incoming calls
  • Breakdown of call duration (<1 minute, 1 to 3 minutes, >3 minutes)
  • Average duration of a call
  • Conversion rate (proportion of page visitors reaching for the phone)
Call-tracking provides deep insights

In addition to the number of website visitors, you will also receive information on telephone usage.

Other things you need to know about call tracking

The destination number, i.e. the phone number to which we redirect incoming calls, should be manned throughout normal business hours. That’s why we recommend you select your headquarter’s switchboard or general sales contact number.

Freephone, toll or other special call numbers cannot be used as a destination number.

A further prerequisite is the technical availability of call tracking at the destination of your choice.


Until now, you have had to guess how many people have called you in response to an ad campaign. Call tracking gives you this missing information that will now help you to fully assess the effectiveness of your online advertising measures.

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